Wat is Dutch Auction?

Dutch Auction is een online veiling, waar jij producten koopt tegen de beste prijs. In plaats van steeds meer te bieden, wacht je gewoon tot de prijs voldoende is gezakt.

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Dutch Auction Clock

At Dutch Auction your product will be set to a high price, and afterwards it will drop until someone buys your product online!

Everything about the auction clock
Dutch Auction Clock

Do you already sell products and do you want to have an extra sales channel?

You can do this by creating an auction on our website, but we also offer the possibility to have fully automated auctions so you can continuously sell (the same) products.

You can profit of all the advantages of our platform:

  • Extra sales channel
  • Repeating auctions
  • Free advertisement
  • No charges for you as a seller
  • Easy to share an auction via social media or your own website

Contact us via info@dutchauction.com or +31 33 828 0457 for more information.

Everything about a Dutch Auction

A Dutch Auction is an auction in which an item’s price is lowered until the item is bid upon. The Dutch Auction is an old concept and is already being used a long time before computers existed en is used very often for example for selling fish and flowers.

With the Dutch Auction platform it’s possible to do this online! The seller can create an auction with his products and determines the starting price, but also a minimum price. If the auction is started the item price is lowered until someone clicks on ‘Buy’ or until the minimum price is reached. The buyer doesn’t know this minimum price, so if this minimum is reached the buyer is too late and the product is not sold.

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How does it work?

In een aantal stappen koop je producten via ons veilingplatform. Gemakkelijk, goedkoop en veilig

Keep up-to-date with our public auctions

Dutch Auction will soon start with Public Auctions. Unique method to sell your products online! Do you want to stay up-to-date?

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